Creative Design. Better Experience.

I am currently a student studying computer science at the University of Texas in Austin interested in creating programs and designing websites. I like to focus on both the technical aspects of computer science and the design aspects user experience. It is important to me to build something that is functions flawlessly and looks good while doing it. Efficient coding, visual appeal, and an intuitive user interface all come together to create a simple but powerful program in every project I pursue.


My journey in computer science started back when I was a sophomore in high school during which I took an AP computer science course. Little did I know at the time, but that course helped me develop the passion for programming that I have today. The idea that I can create something so powerful, with some algorithms and a couple lines of text became extremely appealing to me and, as I delved more into the field, the intricacies of computer science only kept me wanting to learn more.

As I made my way into college, I already had a plethora of personal and academic projects built up. However, I still realize that there is more to learn everyday. Each class I take shows me another aspect of coding and another complexity of programming. Each new project forces me to approach problems in a completely new and exciting way, challenging me to think deeper. As I make my way into the professional world, I am always eager to develop, nurture, and grow my skill-set. Computer science is an ever-changing field that I will always be seeking to learn new things about.


  • Graphs

    Explored the idea of graphs and greedy algorithms to find the shortest path between two vertices.

  • Huffman Encoding

    Explored the Huffman encoding algorithm and built a fully functional Huffman encoder and decoder from scratch.

  • Anagram Solver

    Explored recursive backtracking through building an anagram generator that finds all possible anagrams given a word and a dictionary to choose other words from.

  • Bomblab

    Deciphered the assembly code for various functions (bombs) and inject the code with the correct input to “defuse the bomb.”



  • Web Design Final

    Implemented various functionalities of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MYSQL, and PHP into a website that have features ranging from an aesthetically pleasing front end to forms that send and receive information to and from a MYSQL server.

  • Green Avenue International

    Designed and created a website and taught employees how to continue maintaining the website.

My passion for web design started off as just a hobby. I learned about HTML and CSS when I was a freshman in high school and created simple websites in my freetime. I taught myself most of what I know and focused on making visually appealing content.

Over the course of my junior year, I was contracted by a company, Green Avenue International, to create a website for them. This was an extremely important milestone in my web design career, as now, creating websites was more than a hobby. Having to create a website from scratch for professional use pushed me to learn and create more than ever before. I worked extremely close with my employers. From the very first idea brainstormed, to teaching other employees how to manage and debug the website, I was there every step of the way.

As I moved on into college, I decided to take my web design to the next level as I took a course that helped me understand the technical aspect of creating websites. I was able to then apply those technical skills to create smooth-running and asthetically pleasing projects.